Broodwar on battlenet



Every time i try to play with battlenet he logs on and then he says cd key not registered.:frowning: help please.


blizzard is very fussy with there piracy protection.
ive heard of rumours that if a cd key is used on more than one computer at a time…and both of these computers attempt to log into bnet more than a set number of times then the key is banned. to me that sounds a little far fetched.

If the key is not legit, then 99% of the time it wont work on multiplay(bnet). if u did buy the game send blizzard an email. they will issue you a new key or unban the current.


have you tried running a no-cd patch from somewhere like astalavista??

also for example on Q3 arena - you can’t play multiplayer online unless you have the latest point release - are there any upgrades like this that you can download?