Broken Xbox360 transformed into a PlayStation 3 arcade stick

Broken Xbox360 transformed into a PlayStation 3 arcade stick.

[newsimage][/newsimage]In 2005, the Xbox360 was the only next-gen system on the market. Microsoft's head-start on the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii (both which would launch a year later) helped the company cement a presence in living rooms. When its competitors finally left the gate in the fall of 2006, the system had completed its first lap - receiving a second wave of big-name titles. Unfortunately, a hardware defect countered the generally impressive launch and has plagued the system since. Dubbed the "Red Ring of Death," the malfunction essentially renders the console unplayable. However, one modder found a new use for his broken Xbox360. And it's not a door stop.

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I would love to see a step by step guide including parts ordered. I have an extra laying around. Very Nice!!