Broken trays for Plextor DVD-RW`s?

First i have to say that i work for one of the biggest hardware retail company in my country, Romania. Lately, and i mean the last 3-4 month i have seen 10s of Plextor DVD-RWs coming back to the store 2-3 days after they were sold, all of them with the same problem: the tray would not open using the eject button, the eject from windows or from Plextools. Some of them are just dead, with no led lighting up at any moment while functioning, some of them flash the green led for 2 seconds when turning power on to the test computer. I consider this to be a problem with the manufucturing of the drives as it cant be just a bad lot of drives, more than 10 different lots have passed through the store and 2 out of 5 drives have this problem. Its not a problem with a speciffic drive as this happened with 716A, 716SA and 740 (yes, u read well, 740, the rebadged BenQ 1640). Actually the worst trouble causing model is the 740, which is kinda weird cause i own 2 BenQ DW1640 drives, both of them working perfectly and under stress condition as i write 4-8 DVD`s/day… My question is: Does anybody esle have this problem, has anybody heard of this thing going on with the plextors or is it just a firmware/incompatibility issue (as most of our clients use the drives on a speciffic set of hardware that is sold by us).

Off-topic: I have read the news that the Plextor Premium Cd-rw is no more in production. My good news is that at the store i work we still have a stock of 35 Premiums which are sold at around $110 (that because in Europe we have f*****g VAT) and the main office is able to provide more than 150 pcs of this cdrw :smiley:

If it’s also happening to the Plextor 740s then this must be some sort of handling (sloppy truck drivers?) problem. That’s because the 740, including the tray mechanism, is indeed made in BenQ’s factory, not Plextor’s. From what I’ve seen/read (purely anecdotal, no proof whatsoever) tray problems seem to be more of a BenQ issue than a Plextor one.

As for Premiums, have you heard the Premium-II is coming out soon? :slight_smile:

hi there, excuse my ignorance being new to burning etc but I picked up a Benq 1620 and the green light comes on but the tray won’t move…is there a way to fix this?

@ chenka44; please ask your question in the BenQ forum.

@ bcelmo; as ftp1020 already said it can’t be a Plextor related issue because the 740 is a rebadged BenQ drive. And besides that, I can’t remember I’ve seen reports on this forum about broken trays before so the most logical conclusion would be that the problem lies with your customers or your company. Can you compare the broken drives and check if they have any similarities?