Broken sony DRU 500ax

I have a EXTERNAL sony DRU500 ax DVDRW which started making clunking sounds and now stoped reading any disc’s ( is this actually broken )?

Can i use the Old External box and put a new Internal DVD burner inside , sony or another replacement , or would the connections /box size/or something be different

Any suggestions would be great as I have the origonal power pack ( working fine ) and the box has USB2 firewire which the computer still registers but just does not read discs .
Thanks everone

should be able to use the box still, best way is to unscrew up and look, but you will likely find an ide cable, power lead and audio cable going into the unit, remove and install a new device

thanks mate , I looked inside and yes has IDE , Powerlead , BUT NO audio cable , can I use a New DVD burner and Ignore the Audio cable ( what is that for ,External audio plug in???
otherwise the rear connections look the same as on a new unit , Is power pack and other stuff ok (would a replacement sony be better or doesnt matter )
Thanks mark

The 510ax is a 4x burner and you will probably have problems with insufficient speed.

Most likely it will max go to 8x dvd burning.

What chipset do it use.

I have a old external with Prolific 2507 and have 8x max dvd burn speed.

Had this problem too. When the case has too much time working…

But if you attach the drive to a Internal Ide port, everything goes well…

It’s a problem related with external box… Seems that the 500ax doesn’t like some kind of external boxes

The Chipset I have in the External Box ??? I have no idea how can you tell is there some markings on the chips or in the Box , let me know how i can find and what sort of marking should be and I will let you know ,
Otherwise on the Internet some site say the Sony DRU-500ax has a Intel 875p chipset ( but i don’t know if all has )

Intel 875p is a chipset for motherboard.

Name of the chipset is printed at the top of a black square chip located at the circuit board. Power and ide cabel attached to same board.

But I doubt you will get good result with the old Sony external box and a new drive.

I have looked at the chips there are 4 seperate ones all with many numbers
seperate print on the circit board are .(IF-S12) or (3Q4B) or (sony 94V-0)
Large chip (ERI D89025-001) (0311KX021)
medium Chip ( D892 7GC-002) (0314E3003)
small chip (33 CTCETC) ( TSB41AB2)
rectangular shaped chip ( SSI or SST ) (29EE010) (90-4C-EM) (0238106-W)

these are all the Info from the chips and Circuit boards the square chips have asian symbol/writing so not sure of make but itis factory standard Sony DRX-500ULX external DVDRW made in Malaysia.
hope this is enough Info to tell which chipset it is , some other person says shouldn’t make a Difference as Using it through USB2 .
But let me know what you think
Thanks for the Help

I don’t recognize any of these numbers.

Better buy a new one and avoid the troubles with a new drive and a old enclosure.

LiteOn and LG have complete externals set.