Broken Pin!

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I have broken a pin on the back of my hard drive - it connects my hard drive to the computer. is there any way of fixing this problem? I really need the info on this drive! When i connect it - the computer recognises a drive is there, but cant read any data on it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Unless you are and exceptionally proficient at the art of micro soldering the broken pin I believe you are out of luck of retrieving the data from this Hard Drive

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It might be a bit tricky but it can be done.
Find a small stiff material (copper, iron) fitting into your IDE cable connector. Cut it in size that will make contact when you push IDE female connector on your HDD’s IDE pins (before it hits full inserted). Leave the “new” pin a bit longer and hold cable IDE tightly (eventually strapping it) to your HDD. Make sure you have contact between the rest of the broken pin and your “new” one.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

Not much hope, you could try to send it to the maker and ask for help. :o
I broke one pin on a 2.67Mhz P IV CPU, nothing I could do about it

What a great idea! Be sure you are ready to copy this drive ASAP

Another idea, but again it’s not very easy… is you could buy another identical hard drive and swap the innards of the two hard drives.

Let’s refine this a bit shall we. If you can find an identical drive you can transfer the controller/PCB from the good one to the one you wish to rescue. This worked for me when the PCB on an IBM Deskstar failed.

There will be a code on the PCB , it’s just possible that you might be able to find a replacement. You could try contacting a data recovery company about this or a google search might throw one up.

another good idea but some HD near impossible to open

I’d try to fix the hd, but its REALLY delicate as we all know, if it was a dvd drive, hey no problem, open it and solder the pin back, but its your choice
hope everything works out.

You try sending the drive to Ontrack and getting the data pulled off it.


Brilliant suggestion pinto2.
Just like to add, before connecting the modified ide cable to the drive make sure the PC power is off and the power plug removed from back of the PC.
In case you slip a bit when inserting the cable the pin you made will not touch an adjoining pin. By removng the power plug you also remove any grounds that may still be active.

That will cost you a fortune…$$ :Z

@itzbinnice, thanks for the important notice about power connection.
I posted “on the fly” and took it for granted people would understan you have to disconnect… :bigsmile:

You can’t put a price on personal data. Id rather get my data recovered than try to repair a drive.