Broken headphone jacks

i’ve had a recurring issue w/ my sansa c250 headphone jacks breaking after short use. i’ve gone through 4 within the last year & they keep having the same problem of sound coming through the headphones in the beginning roughly & in the end not working to the point that i can only listen to my c250 when the wire of the earphones is in a certain position & if i move it one bit i can’t hear anything.
i know the issue is in the mp3 player & also the problem is not due to normal wearing out of the item b/c the headphones still work in my laptop & b/c my most recent c250 already had this problem new out of the box.
does anyone know how to fix broken headphone jacks? i’d appreciate any help i can get.

thanks in advance

Only repair I can think of, is to get a 1/8" jack from your local electronics dept, cut off the old one and solder a new one on. Issue being, they can be a bit bulkier than the molded on jacks, but usually much sturdier.

Hope that will help… :wink:

how do i cut off the old jack if it’s recessed into the player?

OK I must have misread that … it reads like the headphones are the issue… Must be I need sleep… so it is the female jack in the player that is at fault then?

Seems the issue you are refering to is common enough … May be as simple as a firmware update …

and here’s what’s next if that don’t work …

yes, it’s the female jacks.

i will check into your links-thanks for the help

You’re welcome… I hope you can solve your problem one way or the other :cool:

call me a newb, but i looked quite a bit for the c250 firmware update & couldn’t find it. can you link me to the page?

YA Search functions can be somewhat dysfunctional at times, I’m sure :rolleyes:

Good luck… :wink:

well, the conclusion after a bit of research is that i have 4 faulty female jacks from my 4 players. i really didn’t want to have to get my hands dirty…