Broken hard drive

Hi guys, I am a novice to this but I am doing a computer course. I have a hard drive this is broken (wont boot up). What programme can I try to extract the programmes from it. I have tried Linux.

I you mean with “broken” that your drive as a hardware failure (i.e. won’t be detected corretly at your PC, or HDD spins not up, … ) than you need a professional data recovery service. There is no way to us “a software” to access the data on a broken HDD.
You can only use your backup you hopefully made :iagree: and buy a new HDD.

If your data on your broken HDD is very important than you may think about a professional data recovery service. But this is expensive and makes only sense if it is worth the money you must pay for this professional recovery.

Only as hint:
The professional data recovery services disassemble the HDD in a clean room and read the data from the HDD platter with own hardware equipment…

Recovery data can be done by yourself using GetDataBack for NTFS/GetDataBack for FAT or by the professional data recovery services…