Broken DVD burners

I have a bunch of DVD burners which won’t read or write any disc (LG and Benq). I tried cleaning the lens (even by opening the drive and using a q-tip) and still nothing. I cleaned and greased the rails for the head. All of them have the newest firmware.
Anything else I can try ?

A new ide cable or ribbon.:iagree:

Yeah, I tried that too. It was too obvious to mention. Thanks for the reply though.

Does the BIOS detect the drives? If not, the IDE channel may have died.

Yes, the drives are being detected properly (as I mentioned, I brought them up to the newest firmware, hoping that it may help). They just don’t read anything. With the drive open, I can see the lens moving and trying to focus on the disc, but it just doesn’t read anything.

Firmware cannot fix hardware issues…

Could be spring cleaning time.
I tossed a bunch away a few weeks ago: only saved a Toshiba (DVD-RW) and a Liteon DVD-ROM; I spent enough time with no joy. I also tossed two SONY DVD players and 2 DVD drives from Liteon LVW 5005 recorders. Fear not junk seems to have a way of growing back.

this winter saw the end of both of my (yes, BOTH) plextor 716A’s.

Optical drives are pretty disposable nowadays. The high speeds, and complicated designed almost always ensure short lifespans, regardless of initial quality.

You might try uninstalling in Device Manager and reboot which will cause Windows to reinstall to see if that helps. However, replacement drives are so inexpensive that it’s not worth wasting much time on old drives. They are on $35 plus or minus a few bucks from NewEgg and others.