Broken CD in SOHR-5238S

[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On Combo 52x32x52+16xDVD int Retail. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Help!

I have CD shards in my drive and need to tkae it apart to get the pieces out. There are a million of them!! So far, I have removed the bottom plate and now I am stuck.

Are there any directions/diagrams out there??

If the process is remotely the same for this drive as for some of the slightly more recent DVD burners, it will pay to eject the drive tray [using a paper clip in the emergency eject hole, since the drive is no longer in the computer], remove the front bezel of the drive [the part with the eject button, and the indicator led], then pull the top of the metal housing off. This will leave the rest of the drive exposed. It might take a little fidgeting to get everything out/off properly, though, so be sure to have patience.

If you do decide to remove the front bezel, it will be easier to re-assemble the rest of the drive and reapply the bezel after that [and let the drive tray automatically close when you place the drive back into the computer and turn it on].