Broken Bones

I’ve 2 broken fingers at the minute, going to see a plastic surgeon in the morning to see if they’ll be ok or if i need an operation :sad:

I must be unlucky, a guy tried to spit on me at the end of a night out, so i asked him what his problem was with me, the next thing is, he hit’s me in the mouth, so i kind of lost it and ended up giving him a bit of a kicking, which i hurt my fingers, it ended just as quick as it started, went to hospital in the morning who said they just looked brusied, but over a week later there still swollen and a wee bit soreso the xrayed them and it turns out there quite badly broken, i had to phone my work to say i couldn’t make it (i work offshore, and they were well pissed off, but so was i).

so it looks as if i’m off for 4-6 weeks and not be able to do a lot of the simplest of tasks. :frowning:

have anybody else ended up worse off because of something they never started

Nope, but I’m sorry to hear about your night out, and your fingers :(…I really hope you don’t need an op :frowning:

Keep us posted on what the doc says :wink:

Soooo … A drunk guy gives you crap cos he wants to start a fight … so you fight?

You’d better have been incredibly drunk for being baited so easily.

It takes a brave man to fight, but a braver man to stand down.

hummmm now would be a good time to come over and get your GSXR lol…:slight_smile:

lol, i was just away to get it on the road for the summer aswell :frowning:

the drunk guy was not long out of jail of glassing someone & drugs, so yes he is a model citizen :rolleyes: , and was looking for a fight all night, so i’ve now been told by some of my friends, but with him smacking my in the mouth just got to me, what am i meant to do, just stand there and take a beating or let him hit me first & then walk away, i think not, if it was you, i’d think you’d do the same.
it’s the first fight i’ve been in for 23 years, if there’s usualy any trouble, i’m the first to walk away or try to get the ppl involved calmed down so the don’t kick it off, but i can see you must be a bit of an angel :flower:

sorry about to hear of your fingers but fighting is never good.
i once had a fight becouse a 24 yr old kicked a 8 yr old kid around the kid was playing soccer and he did not wanted to leave becouse the 24 yr old wanted to hang out with his budie’s, i woke up in the hospital becouse i blacked out but that guy broke his leg in 3 places i swore never to fight again

Next time use a baseball bat or a gun. Don’t hurt as much :disagree:

lol not everybody has them :stuck_out_tongue:


aye, should have used my feet more aswell.

Take a one day course in self defence. You should be able to smack a hard head without breaking anything. Anyway if you broke 2 fingers think of the dent you left in his head :iagree:

how is brown belt in taik-wondo? :wink:

That would work :iagree: Those guys are always breaking cement blocks and stacks of plywood (the ocasional telephone pole) without breaking themselfs

funny you should say that, i’ve not long started going to kickboxing leasons, it could have helped, but i believe his face is still a mess after 2 weeks. it’s tought me a leason tho, hit him first and make it count :bigsmile: j/k

  1. Fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.
  2. The bigger they are, the harder they hit you.


  1. It takes 2 to tango.
  2. Once you take the first step, you can’t stop til the dance is over :iagree:

lol well i never broke a cement block :stuck_out_tongue: and i think thats karaté since taik-wondo is more leg work then hand work (there is ofcourse ook hitting with the fist :stuck_out_tongue: but its more concentrated on kicking).
and if you ask me everybody must learn selfdefence especialy girls (no offence) becouse lately there is safe place

you must have seen that movie on the net where a small gang attacked a car full of black belts. It was a short movie LOL

so i take it you’d let a guy (try)spit on you & hit you and do/say nothing ? :disagree:

the guy is about 6’4" & i’m about 5’8" & he [B]fell[/B] harder than me

the dance was over when i stopped hitting him & got off of him and he then got lifted :iagree:

And this guy wandered across, spat on you & smacked you in the face with absolutely no provocation? Guys gonna be in a mental institute in no time.

Congratulations, you’ve discovered the law of gravity.

And you are proud of your new found police record?

I have my red belt*next is black * in tae kwon do now…and in no way do i feel like getting in a fight with a drunk that i could/would/should use it…After all in a bar fight…people don’t fight fair…not like in a sparring tournament…

i’ve never even set eye’s on him at all. didn’t even know his name untill the next day.

very clever :clap:

try reading the statement first before giving any smart answers

the dance was over when i stopped hitting him & got off of him and [B]he[/B] then got lifted

i did nothing wrong that night, it was an unprovoced assault, but by seeing your answers you can’t see it that way, so i’ll leave it at that with you :flower: