Broken 1655 from newegg

Man I’m seriously bummed, just tried to install my new 1655 retail from newegg, the damn eject button in the front doesn’t work :a software eject works, and I can do quality scan and burn, but “eject button” won’t eject nor retract the tray.

What should I do? If I RMA it I’ll have to pay for shipping and probably wait for a week or two for my replacement, is software eject good enough :confused:

RMA the drive. I would ask Newegg to pay for the shipping for the defective drive. If you’re lucky they may waive the shipping charges and have you print out a FED EX or UPS shipping label via your email. Call them tomorrow.

Call them and tell them you paid for a new, working drive and ask for a shipping label or credit to your account for shipping. If the cust. ser. rep says no ask for their supervisor.

On something defective, they should send you a postage-paid label for RMA. NewEgg is first-class from my experience, so I can’t imagine them trying to low-ball you on a defective drive by not paying for return shipping. The only time you have to pay the return shipping is if the drive is fine, but you decide you want a different one.

NewEgg recently sent me a UPS receipt to send back my faulty MP3 player. No problems … just great customer service

Hey, I have the same problem with my Benq 1655. The eject button doesn’t work. I, however, don’t really care. It’s just a minor inconvenience and I’m too lazy to do anything about it. But I wonder if it’s something that is frequent with this drive. never paid return shipping for ram service for me :frowning:

I think it really depends on which customer service rep you end up talking to. I got them to pay for return shipping on a motherboard and once they refunded my credit card for a floppy drive since the cost for shipping was more than the value of the floppy drive.

my replacement drive shipped with free shipping though i have to pay return. :doh:

If your new drive was defective demand they pay for shipping if the cust rep still says no ask for their supervisor.

They are told as company policy not to offer it and some will tell you they can’t. BS! They sent you a defective product and you ALREADY paid for shipping. I’ve had to talk to supervisors three times but never had to pay shipping on a defective product.

Their customer service is actually going downhill these days because of a ever growing customer base but if they know you won’t put up with their crap they will come through.

I’ve had bad luck with newegg on RMA’s… they are great on price and delivery but RMA’s I say they have a lot of room for improvement.

If you don’t get satisfaction by calling their customer service, try posting a negative review on They have an employee that monitors that site, and will usually resolve whatever complaint you have.

I just recently posted a negative review because I emailed newegg and asked them to help me in collecting a rebate for some OCZ RAM I bought from them 5 months earlier. The email response was a useless form letter, and a 2nd email and response was no better. 2 days after I posted a review, I got a call from Newegg. They refunded the amount of the rebate back to me, and offered a store credit on my next purchase.