Broke my LDW-411s, HELP :(

I tried use the omnipatcher and I left a cd in the drive when patching (dunno if thats why) anyway the drive just sits there and blinks. its a 411s that had the 811s firmware hack. I keep trying to reflash using original 411’s and stuff but it just keeps on blinking orange and not helping. Anyone have any ideas before I throw it out the window?

Welcome :slight_smile:
Relax. As long as you did not overwrite your eeprom without making a backup first, your drive can be recovered.
Just specify exactly what you have done, the state of the drive the drive before that and which 811 hack you used.

In case you used Z-Mod before with an 811 firmware patched for crossflashing, you simply have to load the 811 firmware, set the enable crossflash checkbox in omnipatcher and flash this firmware.

I flashed it about a year ago I so I dont remember what hack I used, I did back up the eeprom before I did the omnihack, but when I re-flashed with that it didnt seem to work :frowning:

UPdate: GOogled 411s to 811s hack and found a .bin that flashed my drive back to health so im all good to go again. Does the omnipatcher not work with hacked firmwares?

Just read the last words of my post again.

MIssed that part, thanks :slight_smile: