Broke ankle



well guys im down for a while broke my ankle(fibula) on 6/23/03.

a hate being down like this my son and daughter are at their grandmothers ,and my wife is at work and im here by myself and ill probably be down for about 2 months or more.well the good news is ill have more time to devote to evil entity development.ill tell you it hurts especially the swelling!!

does anyone have some encouraging words for me :smiley: :bigsmile:

thanx guys!!:bigsmile:


t3h suxx0r!

I know I’ve been there, try to make the best of it! I know for a fact that crutches are capable of inflicting 1d6+1 damage to a melee target.

Man, I need to get out of the house more.

::goes running::


hey thanx for replying.

this hurts bad!its the swelling that hurt like @#$$.


Well I’m quite sure it hurts, but if this results in a new release of EE, every EE user will thank you for breaking it!

I’d say: heads up and vi like you never vi’ed before :slight_smile:


we are adding ati support and a bunch of other stuff.

well ive used vi but my favorite is pico!:wink:

what do you guys think of mplayerxp?