Broilsoft RM converter only convert first 7 mins of video

Broilsoft RM converter only convert first 7 mins of video, what is the problem? I left the settings default, I set the output to avi. The file is 45 mins long, but the output is only 7:11. Please help. Thanks.

Edit: BTW I have the full version, not the trial version.

The problem is that you are using Real media. It is evil, and Satan is punishing you by messing up your conversions. Use a real media type.

Well, they are much smaller than avi. And all the Chinese sub/release groups use rm format, so I have no choice. I’ll re-install BroilSoft and try again I guess. Anyone else has any suggestions?

Actually, you can have a try on other applications, such as winavi.

I tried that yesterday, the output file only have sound but no video. Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Ok, I found a way to work thru it. I used WinAvi to convert the files to VCD (.mpg files), then I converted those files to DVD. It’s still encoding, but I think it’ll work out. Thanks for the help.

It worked. I burned it to a DVD and it played on my DVD player. :smiley: