Broblem with Teac & 90 minutes cd'r


I have Teac burner model CD-R56S With 1.0Q firmware.
when I put a blank 90 minutes(800 MB) cd’r, the burner
cannot read the cd’r and cannot burn.
I “play” with jumpers and convers it to Teac CD-R55S.
Now the burner finally “accept”(read) the cd’r ,but show
me that the cd’r has only 80 minutes (700 MB).(Nero cd speed)

What to do?
Is my burner suppert burning above than 80+ minutes?

Need help !!!

When u turn your Teac into the CD-R 55s Modus,you can overburn to 92 Min.

Every 90Min.(i use the Platinum 90Min.) looks like a 80Min. CD,overburn them with Nero.Everything works fine.

Choose overburn in Nero and type in 89:59:00.

Good Luck…