Broader support for bigger bucks?

I just posted the article Broader support for bigger bucks?.

In an interesting move, Microsoft will extend support for older software products based on some kind of per-machine fee, as opposed to its past standard of a flat fee. As a …

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This is all a scam to make money the way I look at it too is if you have a 32 bit processor and windows vista no new HD-DVD or Blue Ray support but if you have a 64 bit then you can watch these formats on your PC. To me it’s a low blow due to these processors are expensive. Yes AMD is a little better but I’m into Intel and won’t change. But this blow may increase the sales of AMD’s to those who are just cheap and such. Win98 should of died 3 years ago in my opinion.

W2k is my fave … and i will continue to use it regardless - honestly - w2k hasn’t been as slow and shaky as xp - xp sucks if you ask me.

“If it ain’t broke…” is a powerful strategy. If your business is running smoothly with the software and tools you have now, why risk shaking things up just because your software isn’t shiny and new?

umm…catch up…32bit Vista can play HD-DVD and Blu-ray…

Why should anyone have to pay for support after paying $200 or more on a OS?! Why should someone have to pay money to talk to a real person over the phone? Some of these software companies just love gouging consumers! :frowning:

Here’s the story that it won’t has this changed? If so why wasn’t it reported?

XP is better man.

XP will be on this list in the future be it near or a far…

W2K is what I am running and I am not planning to go to XP. From the computers that were at work with XP, MS inudated XP with patches or updates to fix all of the holes in the OS. Must of been 50 or more from what I recall. W2k, I might have 15-25 at most and it is much older OS! Plus, XP was MS feeble attempt to catch up to a mac OS features which I might consider getting in the near future once the prices start coming down more.

There’s an UPDATE to that article.

w2k and xp share so much that most patches affect w2k as well. However, there was an article that basically mentions that MS may patch XP only even though w2k is affected. So don’t be too happy to think w2k is better just because it has fewer patches, in fact, it means there are more unpatched bugs.