Broadcasters: Start Embracing (and Stop Suing) Innovation

While the four network broadcasters sue to block new technologies, they are missing the bigger picture of the changing media landscape. Recording technology is not their nemesis; instead, demographic shifts and broadband competitors may be forcing them to evolve their business models.



This isn’t just about their seemingly addictive need to Control. It’s about them wanting to extract Money from all of us for every deed or thought. Look at the latest MPAA actions against smart-phones - MPAA wants people to pay for every pix, logo, wallpaper, and tone - and they still want DRM-rights for money about continued usage of all of those.

If your child thinks about Harry Potter, the studios want money for that act alone.

Good luck on that.

If only they’d pay us consumers every time they think of US-! But they should keep those ticket prices high and THEN complain that users don’t go to theaters. (Talk about Disconnect!)