Broadcast Flag & Senate Hearing

some excellent coverage of the Senate hearings on the newly proposed broadcast flag:

The Broadcast Flag was up on the Hill Wednesday for a full hearing in front of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. The two-hour, two-panel hearing solicited general feedback on whether or not Congress should provide the FCC with the authority to put the broadcast flag in place. Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) presided over the hearing, which included discussion on the merits of the broadcast flag for both television and radio.

In general, there was a slight bias towards supporting the broadcast flag, although it was clear from listening to the two-plus hour hearing that not all parties involved understand the technology or what is at stake, while some others are embarrassingly dishonest and disingenuous. In what follows, I am going to highlight the most important points of the discussion, and engage those points where I see problems.

Wow! Who would have thought … politicians that don’t understand anything and that are totally out of touch with reality!