Hey, I was just wondering how long it would take to download 1GB of information on-

a 512k connection
and a 1MB connection



Well it depends on various factors: upload speed of the other side, used download protocol and technique, number of people downloading from the same source etc…

You can calculate the theoretical maximum speed quite easy. A 512Kbit can do 64Kb/sec (1024^2 / 64 = 16384 sec / 3600 = (about) 4 hours and 32 minutes). A 1Mbit connection does that in half the speed, so that’s about 2 hours and 16 minutes.


Thabks, When you download a full DVD of torrent sites, that are about 4 and a half GB, Are they full .vob file dvd’s? With Subtitles and menus?

So u just download, and burn?


Not always with menus and subtitle.


u wnt a slap?


We dont deal with illegal requests here e.g downloaded movies, games, music. See my sig for the rules.



Ok, Sorry,