Broadband via power lines

“The speeds that we were getting were something between 10 megabytes a second and 30 megabytes which if you compare it to a standard ADSL telecom line the best you’d get out of that would be two megabytes,”

30MB/s is nearly 300Mbps. I hope it’ll be available in South Korea, too, for US$10 per month. It’s 3x faster than what I’ve been using. But power line Internet has been talked about and developed and tested for years. Whether it can compete against existing phone lines is not so sure I think. Phone companies are usually more experienced than electricity companies in this. Both the national electricity company and the national (though now outwardly no more national) phone company in South Korea are rich and profitable, but most home Internet market is owned by KT, the phone company. KT could use existing lines for 100Mbps to 10Mbps Internet. Would the electricity and power companies try to compete against such services? I heard the required adapters cost somewhat too much. FTTH doesn’t require anything between the plug at the wall and the PCs. ADSL and VDSL require very cheap and often zero-cost modems that are either externally and internally available. Even USB external modems are very cheap by now. Power line Internet should be able to offer something including all of them and better.

yes i have heard of this over regular power plugs im not sure if its the very same thing u r talking about but sounds very cool.

Power line high speed was tried in Phoenix Az. and from what I hear it wiped out Radio amature operators ( Hams ) and if this is true it will not be released until it is cleaned up