Broadband surge protector?

Anybody know anything about coaxal surge protectors for cable internet? The ones I have been looking at are just basic power surge protectors that have coaxal too. They are for cable (one has one set for cable and one set for digital satalite) so I’m not even sure that they would work for cable internet but I am guessing that they would. The two that I am mainly looking at I can get cheap because they are old discontinued models (woods 5198 and woods 2273 surge protector). I opened the cheaper one up and it just had two tiny round long resistor looking deals for the coaxal (Avalanche Diodes I guess) and a wire going to the 120v wall outlet ground (third pin). The more expensive one had a sealed unit so I couldn’t tell what was in it for the digital satalite conector but again just had a single wire going to the wall power ground so I’m guessing avalanche diodes thier too). The cable one on this one had the same sealed unit with one wire that went to a board with two Metal Oxide Varistors and two glass fuses but I think the varistors and fuses were for the phone line conection and they just shared a comon ground point with the coxal.
Is this about all thier is for coxal surge protection or is thier something beter (thats not teribly expensive). The two that I am looking at are also power surge protectors but I could care less about that (I have two ups’s and at least 3-4 or more decent surge protectors laying around, but none with coxal? Even if it works on the same design, would I be beter off getting something more expensive (the woods one cost about 20-30$ when it was avalable I think but I can get it for 10$ as it is old discontinued stock from 1997).
Fyi it seems the new model # is 45198 and they run about 30$.