Broadband speeds



Hello Everyone,

I have finally decided to upgrade from my 576 connection to a 2meg connection with Force9/plusnet (same company?? :confused: ).

Anyway, my connection atm is 576/256 and my new connection will be 2048/256. Does this mean that my UPLOAD rates will be exactly the seem when i upgrade. I am asking because atm my emule/azereus have the upload cap at the perfect speed and i don’t know if i will need to alter it to get better download speeds.

Another question, is 256 for upload the typical speed nowadays??? why don’t they improve it like they do with the download speeds???

Hope someone has answers!!

Cheers in advance :bow:


Upload rate will be the same as before this is the typical upload rate (well it is in uk)


if the old one was 256 and the new one is 256 then um… yes, its all down to the crapness of BT and its monopoly over the telecommunications network, japan has it’s 100Mbit connections and were only just unvelieng 8Mb connections, infact my line only supports upto 1Mb, another thing most isp’s have not only started using a cap but my isp has a FUP (fair usage policy) meaning you can only dload a certain amount they say on a 512Kb connection about 30GB a month is fair however they allow about 3x that then email you telling you if you carry on hogging bandwith you’ll be on the bad boy pipe meaning you’ll be stuck on a 1:50 contention ratio with all the other ‘leechers’ :slight_smile:


Yep, it is unfortunate but the upload speeds don’t increase with the download speeds. I have asked why and still have not recieved an answer. For better upload you would have to go for SDSl and I don’tknow of any domestic provider of that service in the UK. This is the only thing that has prevented me from upgrading my line from a 512 line.

Though on a 256 lin you should still be able to upload at above the minimum speed needed to avoid the cap.


Cheers for the info guys,

I feel a bit bad cos atm i cap my upload on emule/azerues at 18kpbs (if you dont cap it, it affect download doesnt it?) and can download at a max of 60kpbs. When i upgrade i assume that i will be downloading at about 230/240kpbs and still only be uploading at 18kbps or so.


Also, just now some guy was givin me 40kpbs download speed for a file… How can he upload that much on a typical connection??? Can only business connections give that kind of upload speed? Thanks


Depends where they are. I have mine set to 27 as that is about 80% of my line capacity, which is the only limit you have to set.


You have to remember that no matter what d/l speed you have you are also limited by the u/l speed of where/whom you are d/l from