Britney Spears answers her obsessed fan club user



I could not find a joke section so here its is…

Here is the story:


Status: Banned.

Posted on 2-10-08

Britney spears, you go girl! I seen all your video & i have purchased all your
music cds & DVD concert too I think your the best thing there is…I Love your music…

I donated $1,500 towards your fan club. I went to all your
live HBO concerts! I recommendded your music to all my friends
…I purchased all your britney spears dolls in: toys r us…I just wanted to say that
I can wait to your latest cd …cant wait! ANd, I love you britney spears…!!!
Britney spears You are the greatest ever and, I love your music and, performance!!!
singing: “You drive me crazzzy and, it feels alright!!” Love your music!!!

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If you didnt find it funny…this joke is not for you…:wink:


Why the ban? I see nothing wrong with that posting :wink:


Now what are you doing hanging out at the Fanclub for Britney Spears forum? :bigsmile:


[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2176921]Why the ban? I see nothing wrong with that posting ;)[/QUOTE]

She was banned for being too much of a suckup & a Britney Staker…:wink:
Britney doesnt need that…:flower:


Hey don’t lie… that was you wasn’t it Macro??..lmao:bigsmile:


Deaf people should not join fanclubs for music artists.
Joking aside the fan must obviously be tone deaf. :bigsmile: