Britney Goes Bald(!)

What a wack job.


:cool: :cool:

What a [B]wack job [/B] is right! :eek:

I third that.

And people still find this airbrush girl attractive? :rolleyes:

Next stop: rehab

:disagree: next step brain transplant :wink:

You mean we don’t have “stupid, whore-ish, rich girl” subforum in the Entertainment section? :confused:

What would be a BIG section!!! :iagree: :bigsmile: :iagree:

She’s been there, done that, escaped in under 24hrs :stuck_out_tongue:

:iagree: Yep, she’s back in rehab…

“[b]NEW YORK, New York /b – Britney Spears entered rehab Tuesday after a bizarre weekend that included shaving her head and getting a new tattoo.”

Britney Spears checks into rehab —>

To sick for rehab??Or didnt understand the "Entrance this way"sign and went out through the backdoor?



she’s one scary women…

Escaped again in under 24hrs!!! LOL.

Britney reportedly checks out of rehab

“MALIBU, Calif. - Britney Spears left a live-in rehabilitation facility early Wednesday, less than a day after checking in, according to several reports.”