British Warship Found

Jim Kennard found the HMS Ontario at the bottom of Lake Ontario. This 22 gun British Warship sank in s large storm on October 31, 1780. There were 60 British soldiers, 40 Canadian crewmen, and 30 American POW’s on board. Due to the deep, cold fresh water, it has been preserved. It was not even wrecked. Now the British have to come and get it, because technically it still belongs to their admiralty. Some windows are not even broken. The ship was only five months old. Was a trip!!! I think they should raise it.

Maybe they can raise it and sail it back to Britain:)

things like this always seem so much like a movie plot to me.

They should have some respect for the people who perished on that ship when it went down. It’s their grave. Leave it be.

Totally agree with you.:iagree: Yes go take some pictures for the archives but leave it be. What would be the point of raising it anyway?

Furthermore, studies have shown time and time again that things are preserved much better in that state then when they are pulled back up to the surface and exposed to the air.