British providers have to block Demonoid and Isohunt



We’ve just posted the following news: British providers have to block Demonoid and Isohunt[newsimage][/newsimage]
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Is it really an effective method to combat piracy?


According to the very last sentence, the amount of torrent traffic has increased. That, according to the MPAA, automatically means increased piracy.

Once again, pissing off their customers has resulted in more customers refusing to pay money. When will they learn?

If there are any readers living in Britain, I strongly recommend you start protesting. The more you let the government get away with the freedom they’ve taken from you, the more they will continue to do so.


For those who use VPN services for privacy such as against copyright trolls, these blockages do actually provide a useful reminder to connect the VPN.

Basically, by forcing the users to connect their VPN to access their favourite BitTorrent sources, chances are that they’re not going to accidentally start a download with the VPN disconnected.

As for those who do choose to pay for something, I wonder whether the authorised content providers or the paid VPN services benefit the most out of these blockages…

For the majority that stick with the free methods, circumvention is just a few clicks away.


these web site blocks and internet censorship in the UK in general is all to please the USA. Cameron is so worried about not having his best buddy Obama looking out for him, he’ll do whatever is necessary to help, in particular helping the entertainment industries. the sad thing is he used the ‘think of the children’ line to get this censoring adopted when it never was and never will be about kids at all!! and dont forget, while he is bringing this stuff into law, at the same time he’s condemning China and N.Korea etc for their stance on removing freedom and privacy! two faced, is what he is!!


wow, I didn’t know demonoid was that popular recently… I know their trackers are getting more popular… but the website itself… its far from it’s prime days when it had obscure content… perhaps one day it will get back to that capacity… but it’s not there yet…


I wouldn’t mind so much if they could be even-handed about it, but when did governments ever make a real effort to protect their citizens from having their personal information “pirated” by big companies, for profit?

This has come home to me more strongly as time goes on, because I now find that as an unemployed person, every time I apply for a job it has to be done online, and I have to divulge information that is not relevant, and they have no right ask for, but if I don’t, I can’t lodge an application for the job. Then I get spammed, and phoned by people with “special offers related to your job search” And after all this, not one employer has invited me to an actual interview yet. Am beginning to suspect that these job aggregating sites are too busy generating traffic for themselves, and selling our information to advertisers, to actually bother with the business that they claim to be conducting.

Of course mine is only one example of the many ways that those who can’t fight back, are being ripped off, so I think that qualifies as piracy. The media companies are among the biggest sinners in this regard.


My prediction is that people are going to continue to sit on their arses and let big business and government continue to take away their personal freedoms and rights. Most people don’t seem to care this is happening. I also predict that one day they will care and won’t be able to do much of anything to restore the freedoms and rights they have lost.


Kevpc - I understand your frustrations but there’s never been a right to download copyrighted material. The fact that we have been able to download these files relatively easily and without punishment (for most), has just been fortunate I guess. You cannot compare these restrictions with restrictions in North Korea and China. North Korea blocks every website except a few North Korean government websites. China blocks all websites which criticise the Chinese government.


[QUOTE=FreqNasty_RiseS;2742236]Kevpc - I understand your frustrations but [B]there’s never been a right to download copyrighted material[/B]…[/QUOTE]

A little punctuation is needed: it differs from country to country (personal use etc.).


Copyrighted material can be downloaded perfectly legally as that’s what legitimate content providers offer.

It’s only the unauthorised downloads of copyrighted material that are illegal.



Wombler - that’s right and that’s what I meant. I should’ve added the “unauthorised” part to avoid any ambiguity.