British parliamentarians: Google does too little to battle piracy

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A group of British parliamentarians stated they are unimpressed with Google’s efforts to battle piracy, according to them it’s too easy to find pirated content on the search engine.

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It still comes down to this.
Why should Google be responsible for what people that use it do that may be illegal ?
Google doesn’t do the “illegal” activity .

Second is business . How much is the British Parliment willing to pay Google to do this policing for them ?
Why should Google do this for free ?

more to the point, how much are these politicians being ‘encouraged’ to ramp up actions against Google and against the British public? if the entertainment industries, and remember we’re talking more about those based in the USA rather than in the UK, were to do what the customers keep asking them to do, there wouldn’t be anything that keeps taking money that should be spent on something else. it isn’t because those industries refuse to spend any money doing what they are asked to do or in protecting themselves. every other industry that uses the Internet is expected and then forced to pay for the ridiculously outdated business model these industries have. they want to maintain in the digital age the control and the income they were used to in the analogue age. it aint gonna happen, but politicians do what is demanded by those industries instead of forcing them to do what they need to themselves. what is even worse is the UK has taken over from and on behalf of the USG, because they are too afraid now given all the crap that has come out over the NSA. the difference as well is that in the USA, someone caught file sharing probabaly gets a fine of around $20. in the UK, they again want to take over from the USA by putting people in prison, all for sharing something. no one ever seems to ask ‘why do people do this? what in all honesty should we be doing to stop it?’ the answer is simple, 'LISTEN TO CUSTOMERS INSTEAD OF THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES! THROW OUT THE FIGURES THEY DISTRIBUTE. IF THERE WERE 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE IN THIS INDUSTRY, IT WOULD BE A WORLD TOTAL, NOT A UK TOTAL! THROW OUT THE £36BILLION UK WORTH. IT’S TOTAL CRAP, EVERYONE KNOWS IT, BUT POLITICIANS USE IT TO ENHANCE THERE DEMAND FOR GOOGLE TO BE THE INTERNET POLICE AND PEOPLE TO BE SLUNG INTO JAIL FOR SHARING. THE NEXT TIME AN INDUSTRY IS WORTH £36BILLION A YEAR TO THE UK WILL BE THE FIRST!!!

I’m willing to bet this accusation is just a result of the MPAA paying parliament off. I can’t be the only one to notice the conveniency of this timing: parliament made this statement just one week after the MPAA.

Mass internet piracy is a result of a bad corporate image. As Kevpc has pointed out, if the entertainment industries would quit trying to bully their own customers, and start listening to them, this wouldn’t be happening nearly as much. However, this news article is just one more form of proof regarding one simple fact: they won’t listen anytime soon.

"The continuing promotion of illegal content through search engines is simply unacceptable, and efforts to stop it have so far been derisory”. Google isn’t really promoting anything. If Google wanted to promote piracy, they’d simply create a skull-and-crossbones doodle, with a screentip telling content holders to suck it. Needless to say, Google has never done anything like that, and I seriously doubt they ever will.

You give them an inch, they take a mile

Kev, TSJ - yes, “just another purchased set of matching product-politicians” paid for by one very distinct special interest group.