British music industry wins case, forces ISPs to hand over data

I just posted the article British music industry wins case, forces ISPs to hand over data.

Thanks to Quakester2000 we know that the British music industry has won an important case against music swappers. If you’ve followed the news lately you will probably have read some…

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eeeeeep :o … oh well… good thing i dont download music, but i know alot of people who do. ben :slight_smile:

Sad but not unexpected. Dunno what id do if someone sued me, id be pretty pissed with the head guy at the BPI. Also knowing the british legal system the punishment will be based on what you can afford, not what the record industry thinks each individual song was worth.

well, i stopped d/l music over a year ago now, as soon as people in the us started getting threatened with bing sued. illegal downloading just wasnt wort it. ben :slight_smile:

P2P down loading is a very small part of the Copying Culture. Consider this. If someone with a disc containing 100 mp3’s gives his friend the same disc then he will probably copy it. After that it will possibly be copied by another friend and then a friend of a friend etc. So within a short time millions of mps’s will be out making more compilation mp3 CD’s

FrogFart is right. P2P is a small part. You can copy your friends CD’s and DVD’s. Buy used CD’s and DVD’s and copy them. Go rent DVD’s and copy them. Have a grand ole time. :d

Strange when this story is about those who upload in great quantities, with most replies being ‘I stopped d/l’g ages ago’ :slight_smile: p2p of all sorts will be the main target for some time to come - there are less conspicuous ways that for the time being will be ok for d/l’g. Perhaps all of the un-biased media should add to these stories of the industry suing people (after announcing record profits) with ‘why not pay the artists most of the money rather than the business people ripping off the artists’ = meaning the papers, tv, etc.