British judge rules student can be extradited to US for copyright infringement charges



British judge rules student can be extradited to US for copyright infringement charges.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A British Judge has ruled that 23 year old Richard O’Dwyer, a British college student, can be extradited to the United States to face copyright infringement charges. O’Dwyer operated the TVShack website, which served as a link hub, pointing users to content hosted on other sites across the Internet.

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Hold on a moment here how does US law trump UK laws? So does this mean other nation can make charges against any US citizen and now they must also in turn be extradited to those nation to face charges??? This is a slippery slope we are treading here. If one nation law can trump another nation laws then I can supposition that the BUSH/Cheney war monger can be send to the Hagg to face Crimes against humanity as well??? That just a example but a big one…


This isn’t going to happen. The appeals court WILL overrule that morons decision.


I don’t know much about UK law . Maybe it is legal to extradite a UK citizen easier than it would be under older US law.
Now I think the US government would do it under the so called "patriot "act . They would have a citizen arrested & extradited without trial. Of course IMO & in many other US citizens the “patriot” act completely violates the US Constitution.
I will even go as far as to say the US government is violating the Constitution in extraditing this UK citizen. I would consider this “Cruel & unusual punishment” So a violation of the eighth amendment .
I look at this as a so far an innocent person that has not been convicted of any crime in his own country . So it is “Cruel & unusual punishment” to extradite him to a foreign country to be tried for what would even be questionable as a crime in the US.
For example : If you ask me for directions to the gun store & I give them to you. I don’t become an accessory to any crime you commit with that gun.
If all this young man did was have a search engine that guided people to what may be sites with illegal activity . I can find the same with Google. It just might be a little more difficult .
It seems that the governments of the world are moving toward what has been predicted by authors of fiction novels. " Brave New World " or “1984” ( & others) where thought crimes are punishable. Even when no actual crime has been committed.


So can i sue an Aussie for something he downloaded in India and torrented it to Poland while i’m suffering losses in France because of that? Or does it only work when the US wants something punished?


This is just plain stupid. A person can’t be extradited for murder if they will face the death penalty but a person that provides links to a file over the Internet can? I don’t know who if the most pathetic. The US government for wasting time on something so trivial or the UK’s judicial system for granting the request.


And with all the lose blood and young lives in US made KING that started the IRAQ war has done nothing but show the ignorance of the US government as a whole is just a bunch of total imbeciles. How come they are not taking China to courts and extraditing them for stealing US IP and the biggest major copyright violators of anyone. But he is just some plain joe smoh that is why they can do what they do. If they really want to stop theft they should take China to court and extradite those officials and companies in China for theft of IP and copyright violations.


China isn’t going to let anyone do anything regarding piracy within their borders. This situation is just another step in the war on torrents. They want to systematically chip away at Internet freedoms until they can restrict access however they choose. It is the same as the U.S. government has been doing regarding our constitutional rights for the past 100 years. These tyrants will only pick on the people they think they can intimidate. China can’t be intimidated.


[QUOTE=UTR;2619096] China can’t be intimidated.[/QUOTE]

That is true but remember whom is holding the US banks and Government in their back pocket??? CHINA…all they have to do is call in their loans and I can guarantee the US people will be forced to kiss their boots…That is why the US politicians and the bed buddies won’t go there. Call CHINA in and they will tell the politicians to bend over and SCREAM UNCLE…


Since we’re getting a little out there . The US can tell China or the rest of the world where to go . The government just won’t.
We could declare all US currency null & void . Then issue new currency only to US citizens inside the US. Then declare all debts to other countries & foreign businesses void.
Tell them to try & collect if they dare. That is if the US government hasn’t really already disassembled all the nukes & we don’t have the biological weapons the government denies.
Then for the final thing make import taxes so high nothing will be imported. & only payable in precious metal .
Then see how the rest of the world copes including China.
The US at one time was self-sufficient & we can be again. We have just be lead to believe we can’t. It might be hard for four or five years but then we would come out ahead.
I don’t see this happening . It seems the US politicians are set on a one world government . With freedom for none but the wealthy. They want the rest of us to grovel for any job at low pay being glad to get that.