British ISPs agree to fight piracy



I just posted the article British ISPs agree to fight piracy.

After a lot of pressure from Britain’s music and movie industries and the government, they have managed to persuade six of the country’s biggest Internet service providers to start sending warning…

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Good for them! That will teach those pirates a real lesson about stealing other people’s stuff witout using a darknet.


Yes, throw half the world of the Internet. That will help the movie industrie a lot and local economies, and internet providers, and those sending us the electricity bills, and PC manufacturars and resellers…

Let’s take away their TV’s too so they can no longer watch these movies and then ban them from ability to buy TV’s or DVD’s and Blu-ray players. That will help local economy, local stores, employment figures, manufacturars…

But don’t go too far… ok?


its rather odd that isp’s use to look the other way, but now that they’re too cheap to invest in infrastructure, they use piracy as an excuse to curb bandwidth consumption, when broadband was new, those were the people they tried to attract… lol


The UK is the most controlled place on earth. Who would want to live their ?


If you don’t have something that has SSL, you are asking to be snooped on.


BitRate, a shedload of immigrants want to live here, thats who!


why is anyone even worried its not like there are any empty prison cells to put you in also with the economy so messed up how long u gonna b waiting for legal aid ?to even get seen in the facist court screw em


how long ago did people copy music cassettes and vinyl, no problems with that then. why is it such a prob now, because its digital and there is a lot of greedy people, if i buy a cd or dvd whats anyone going to do if i lend it to a friend?. they want to sell you a ferrari and not break the speed limit …lol


BigPhil - If the Government didn’t give huge welfare handouts to all the illegals and make it so easy they wouldn’t go there but what are they doing about the immigration problem? Nothing until the current guy is voted out and the new party gets in! I read something about an Islamic cleric over there who preaches anti-western ideologies, yet lives on a $500 a week welfare handout…like WTF!!!
They just waste time on introducing these bs copyright proposals!
I’m glad I don’t live there


If only we voters could monitor the contents of those brown paper bags that music and movie industries and other big corporations give to the Politicians and Political parties to get what they want, we would see who the real criminals are.