British boy finds snake in cereal box



LONDON - A British boy tucking into his breakfast had a nasty surprise when he discovered a two-foot long snake inside his box of cereal.

Jordan Willett, 5, thought he had found a toy when the serpent – a harmless corn snake – slithered out of the packet of “Golden Puffs” his parents had bought from discount store Netto in Telford, central England.

“It was quite long and popped its head up. I’ve seen snakes on TV before but never in a box of cereal,” he told the Daily Mail newspaper.

Netto said on Wednesday it was talking to its suppliers to review procedures and check on its stock.

“This does seem to be a bizarre incident but we are treating it seriously,” said Netto trading director Clive Cooper.

Corn snakes, which feed on mice and birds, are commonly kept as pets around the world.



well it sure did good to the value of that box of snakes :slight_smile:


Snaaaake snaaaaake, ooooooh its a snaaaaaake!


they will do anything these days to raise the protein count of sugary cereal…


That is what you get for shopping at a discount store…


Hehe Netto yes. Like Lidl only slightly less dangerous to your health.


Can I get the snake?