British AA warns of 'iPod oblivion' deaths



British AA warns of ‘iPod oblivion’ deaths.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Research from the British Automobile Association discovered there are 17 auto accidents every day related to an 'iPod Oblivion' that poses dangers to motorists and pedestrians.

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yes cause no one crashed try to mess with their tape deck/cd players instead of focusing on the road… lol… its nothing new… just a new technology


Zod, of course it’s new and becoming far worse each day.Now it’s the pedestrians, skateboarders etc… who are oblivious and hypnotized by their devices and leading to more accidents. My family had a converstion about this exact subject at dinner the other evening, about how kids/teens are so oblivious, riding bikes, skateboarding or pedestrians just not paying attention, while texting or listening to their iPod.

Young people these days are far too absorbed by their devices, texting, iPod music etc,… There was a story in Montreal this week about a stupid teenager who abandoned her 5 year old brother at a busy intersection and crossed the street without him because she was too fixated on her iPod/iPhone. A journalist witnessed it, rescued the kid as he tried to cross alone, then wrote the story to expose just how idiotic kids & teens are behaving with their devices these days. The teen didn’t even care after the fact, she was fixated on her device.

I see this kind of behavior everywhere so it’s not a case of one stupid teenager.


In interpreted the article as relating to vehicle collisions.

I do agree with you on some of your statements. Allthough if pedestrians use their eyes before crossing a street, they should be fine. Bikers on the other hand, seems like a really bad idea to put on earphones, as you need the sounds around you to know whats going on.

Then again people used to have walkmans as well, so its not an entirely new issue. Albeit mp3 players are much lighter and portable.

I guess I don’t think new portable devices are to blame. People were doing stupid things way before the ipod came around. I’m sure people have left their kid on the other side of the street without an ipod involved.

It seems to me that every generation has a whole bunch of low iq people that do dumb things. It seems someones trying to blame it on the ipods, rather then the user.


I agree Zod. It’s not the technology, it’s the idiots using the technology.

When I get a cell phone call while driving, 99% of the time I either pull over or just wait until I get to where I am going and then call back. No sense taking chances with my life or the life of others that might be on the road with me.

It amazes me how many people do the opposite.



Yes it’s the people who are being stupid. That sure was my point. Or, oblivious as was the point of the article. You don’t blame the gun for shooting, you blame the shooter. But the nature of the technology is very addictive (texting for one) and doesn’t help the matter. Texting didn’t exist a few years ago. Ahhhh take me back to the days before texting. PLEASE ! :slight_smile:

This subject has become a big problem today because there are 10’s of millions more iPhones / iPods / mp3 players now then there were 10 years ago. It’s a sheer matter of volume hence the stats showing a rise in accidents.

It’s not only about being stupid. A kid with an iPod sitting safely on the sidewalk won’t hear the car that lost control heading towards him. Thats an extreme example but factor in that there are 100 million more iPod zombies out there and you can see why there is concern about masses of “oblivious” people out there.


There’s no cure for stupid. Ever. Period.


[QUOTE=debro;2537207]There’s no cure for stupid. Ever. Period.[/QUOTE] Yes there is (although it might not be the kind of cure you had in mind). :smiley:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2537260]Yes there is (although it might not be the kind of cure you had in mind). :D[/QUOTE]
If there is two people left in the universe … one of them will do something stupid to screw everything up :iagree:

Case in point:
God: “Don’t eat the apples & you’ll live forever in paradise”.
Eve: Crunch …