Brit music indies want copy-protected CDs

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While a lot of countries already suffer from protected audio CDs the The Association of Independent Music, whose members account for a quarter of the record market in Britain, is now also planning…

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those record sales are about to start dropping and then theyll blame it on piracy and not consumers refusing to buy crapped up cds :stuck_out_tongue:

These people are so very inteligent; They get a gun, load it, and promptly aim it at their foot.

Haven’t they got other things that should take higher priority such as going after the drug dealers, and the users? There is enough for the government too sort out, without harrising us users :frowning: Are so called violations are nothing in comparison :d The government really need too get together and sort more imporant issues out :wink: Instead they choose too attack us? :c I am sure other members will agree on this statement, or maby a bits of it! I am not far wrong! Greetz from The Diplomat :8 Live long and prosper well, in other words enjoy your life while you can, your a long time dead!

“Independent Incorporated” The Brits do have a touch for irony. :9

Frankly, I don’t care what they do with their disks. That music isn’t worth protecting!

They can protect it all they like and we can moan about it all we like but at the end of the day code is code is code and copy protections can be as elaborate as they choose but they will ALWAYS be broken. So why they waste their time and ours is beyond me… I don’t think it’s their music they are really trying to protect anyway (it’s mostly crap) but their own stupid big fat ego’s. Oh, and not forgetting their big fat wallets etc… :*

What I’m really worried about is what will happen if with these copy protections sales will not increase, either because piracy was not causing the drop in sales or because people don’t want copyprotected cd’s. Will the companies say: “Oh, so apparently protections weren’t necessary!”? I doubt it. They will probably whine even louder that it’s not fair and that the government should take action. I’m afraid it will not end with these protections… :frowning: