Bringing in files to BLU RAY COPY

HI THERE. New here.

Having issues bringing in files to BLU-RAY COPY.

Used BLU-RAY RIPPER to create a video file on my SONY L SERIES computer. Used H.264 Mpeg 4 AVC to create file in RIPPER.

When completed everything worked great. Video played great.

I than went to import the file into SOURCE on BLU-RAY COPY but the file can’t be located when searching. I can locate where the file is stored but when clicking the location the file doesn’t show up.

The file header reads FINALCOUNTDOWN_FIX_Playlist_3. It is an MP4 file.

I did notice that there is no file extension with this file.

Did I make a mistake in RIPPER when creating the file? Is there something I need to do the file in Sony so BLU-RAY COPY “SOURCE” can read it?

I have already done BLU-RAY to BLU-RAY copies directly but am “expertimenting” with importing a file.

Support has been very helpful so far but I am still having issues. Think it might be me explaining the problem properly.

Try adding the .mp4 file extension.

Thanks. Tried adding the .mp4 extension but it didn’t seem to work.

I don’t work with Blu-Ray so I’m not sure what the problem could be.
Have you looked at the file with MediaInfo ?

Bluray copy does not convert video files so you are trying something that not possible.

I have similar problem. The Bluray copy just cannot see its own created ISO file.
I experimented with copying BD disc - fine.
I tried cloning - fine, it creates ISO files.
I tried writing the ISO file back to BD and no - it cannot open the folder where the file is. The file is fine, I eventually burned it with free BurnAware, and it plays.
So it is a fault within the Bluray Copy software - they need to patch it!