Brightness sensors in new LCD TV's from Toshiba

I just posted the article Brightness sensors in new LCD TV’s from Toshiba.

The summer is approaching and we can enjoy a lot of sunny days but… it is not really easy watch television when there is too much environmental light. What do you do when there is too light?Ok,…

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Ah, just another problem these useless TV’s have. I can watch TV all day in brightness with my beautifulyy tuned flatscreen CRT. It’s funny how people are brainwashed by the advertising these companies make. :S

You can watch your CRT screen in the sun ? I think not.

Pioneer LCD TVs already do something like this, its not new, maybe improved.

Sony Bravia TVs do it as well already

Hardley new technology. I remember this on our first B/W TV in the early 60s…