Brightness problem

I have a Panasonic DV-266 and when I play some discs the brightness seems to fluctuate just slightly. It it is like it is turned off and on. Has anyone else seen this porblem?

Some things that I need to try is to hook the DVD player up to another TV to see if it is the TV or the player. Have got to take the palyer to someone else’s house as I only have the one TV :frowning:

I rang the company and the guy did not know what could be casuing the problem. I happens on both bought and copied discs.


I have the same problem with a Samsung Home Theater DVD player that I got last week. The brightness fluctuates almost in a cycle. Were you able to find out what was causing it, because for me, it is really unenjoyable to watch this way.

If this issue only occured on movie DVDs, the Macrovision copy-protection would likely have been the issue, however in this case it may be due to something up with the TV or DVD Player’s video output method.

The first thing I would recommend trying is making sure the Scart output to the TV is set to ‘RGB’. This sends the three individual colour channels directly to the TV instead of via composite, thus leading to a picture with better colour rendering and contrast. Note that some budget Scart leads do not physically have the RGB pins wired up, which means that a composite picture may still appear even if RGB-out is set. :rolleyes:

Some TV’s seem to keep the last TV channel ‘tuned’ in the background while viewing the AV and I have often seen faint shadows of the last watched TV channel appearing on AV with some TVs. A simple way to check if this is causing the issue is to turn to an untuned TV channel and then turn to AV. If brightness issue goes away, then this is likely the issue. :wink:

Finally if all else fails, I would recommend updating the firmware just in case it is a bug in its existing firmware.