Bright green band going across top of DVD

There is a bright green band about 2/3 inches wide going across the top of the movie DVDs I downloaded to my hard drive (via DVDFab).


I don’t quite understand. Did you download a factory DVD Movie to your HD using DVD Fab?

Hi. Yes, I copied an original DVD movie to my hard drive. When I went to watch it (on my computer) there was a 3 inch green band going across the top of the movie. 2 of the movies I copied were like this. I copied them via DVDFab (platinum).

Do you have access to a standalone player, to try this copy for comparison?

Not to sound stupid, but by standalone player do you mean a DVD player? If so, the answer is yes. I have a DVD player, but I’m brand new to copying DVDs and don’t really understand what to do - even though I’m told DVDfab is one of the easiest (and simplest) to use. But I can’t find the instructions, so I’m flying blind. I do believe I have managed to get the movies on the hard drive of my computer (is the copying process supposed to take a long time? They all took about an hour) but I don’t have a clue how I would even put them on a CD.

green and pink lines come from ur screen size

by exemple:ur sceen is set at 1600x1200 and the movie at 600x800, and ur grpahic card screws.

watch ur movie on ur TV, and u wont see any line…

am i correct?

Hi John. Sounds good. But can you tell me how to now copy the movie from my hard drive to a blank cd. Do you need a certain kind of CD. I just have your standard writable ones. The movies are in 2 folders - Video_TS and Audio_TS. Thanks

The video ts is the only folder you need. But you can’t put all that onto a CD. Unless you use some software to convert the video “VOB” to a avi or Mpeg with a whole lot of compression and end up with a bad quality in picture and sound.