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I’m a social democrat (reform capitalist rather than Marxist style) and a civil libertarian extremely concerned about the growing power and increasing authoritarianism of the USA, China, Russia, multinationals, and religious extremists. I support many who are considerably left of myself when they are engaged in both reformist and revolutionary struggles against the aforementioned forces, provided that the end goal of said struggle is to replace the existing political order with one that is centred around the needs and the aspiration of the working and middle classes.

From a letter I wrote to the NDP of Canada caucus regarding its tepid support for cannabis legalisation:

“This disenchanting show of weakness represents a direct contradiction to the strong core of ideals that has led me and millions of progressive-minded Canadians to join or support the New Democratic Party. These ideals include an unwavering commitment to the protection and the expansion of our civil liberties, a desire for a strong and sovereign Canada governed by and for Canadians, a willingness to work for social justice, for economic fairness, and for sustainable development within the framework of a vibrant mixed economy centred around the needs and interests of the working and middle classes, and an ethos that strives for social change when the status quo is simply not acceptable.”

My favourite political leaders (from left to right ideologically) include Leung Kwok-hung (anarcho-socialist pro-democracy legislator and activist in Hong Kong), Hugo Chavez (duh), Evo Morales (President of Bolivia), Tarja Halonen (President Finland), Libby Davies (Canadian NDP MP)Bernie Sanders (independent social democratic Congressman), and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (PM of Spain).

I am a staunch supporter of the Taidu movement (although I wish it would realise that being an American puppet is no more independent than being a Chinese province), the growing Nepali Revolution, and the left-wing of the HK democratisation movement.

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I’m with you although I don’t recognize some of the people you listed, but from your description they sound fair. I believe in a responsible society where everyone pitches in and everyone in turn benefits when they need support.

H - E - A - V - Y :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Liberalistic, Democratic, Conservative, Diverse, Semi-Non Conformist, Feminist, Straight (but to each his own), Christian who believes in pro choice and listens to heavy metal music. My views are really broad!

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I like the ideals described in Blue Mars.
I could live like that :slight_smile:

Every current political solution if FUBAR, everyone fighting petty squabbles to keep themselves in power.

^ a-greed. send all the soldiers home and mind ur business bush,blair etc

Since my birth, society has been busy to enhance invididualism and disenhance socialism.

The western democratic governments have succeeded in taking great distances from real life (its civilians) and agressively attack anything that threatens to oppose their current system (its armies).

Other societies use religion, poverty and envy (call it terrorism if you want to) to point at the western societies, yet their civilians can’t wait to set up a life in the same western societies they hate.

Yup, we live in a strange world.

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I believe that there should be true democracy. Not the psuedodemocratic government that we have.

I doubt you want a true democracy.

Democracy is when two foxes and a rabbit decide what to have for dinner tonight.

True democracy doesn’t acknowledge the rights of the (silent) minority.

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My politcal ideology is as follows…

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Always left to the right

Socialist democrat…that’s me.