BREIN: Individual Popcorn Time users should expect to be sued or fined soon



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Dutch Popcorn Time users can soon expect to be sued for copyright infringement, according to a spokesman of Dutch anti-piracy organisation BREIN. In an interview on the Dutch radio he stated that, “he wouldn’t be surprised if individual Popcorn Time will soon get a fine for illegally streaming series or movies.”

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“Copyright holders know their movies or series are popular on illegal sites which means they know they are missing out on income, they can start to claim damages of individual users themselves”, according to BREIN.
Here we go the very same studio can’t even tell us the cost and yet want to sue people. This just help torrent grow and grow and if they want to address the problem maybe they should look closer to their own GREED first. I call this another [B]FAIL[/B]…


I’m not familiar with popcorn time, but are the ISPs really going to want to let their customers be sued?  Why would they voluntrily spend time and resources weeding out users so they can be sued and most likely stop using the ISP.

I think this is why it’s really hard to go after non-p2p pirates. P2P is a low hanging fruit that makes it easy to identify the users.  Anything else is pretty much a connection between a user and the server.  You either need the cooperation of the ISP or the company hosting the pirated servers.

This seems like a pipe dream.  I don’t see what’s in it for the ISPs.


Great… that’s just what internet users need… more copyright shakedowns. If a user “steals” a $20 movie, why should they have to pay thousands of dollars for said movie. That’s like paying $500+ dollars for petty bubble gum theft.

@Zod: I know what’s in it for the ISP… money! It’s no secret that Hollywood loves to bribe as many people as they can, so if they can bribe the heck out of ISPs, it will be very tempting for said ISPs to accept those bribes. This is especially true in areas where there is no ISP competition, as the ISPs don’t have to worry about a losing customers to other providers.