BREIN asks for identities of those that purchased DVD X Copy

I just posted the article BREIN asks for identities of those that purchased DVD X Copy.

 Looks  like the Dutch Anti Piracy organisation     BREIN, just  tore up the world over in the Netherlands, by stopping  the distribution of the "controversial" DVD X Copy family  of...
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Teledirekt sold only about 120 copies of the software. They didn’t want to hire a lawyer for this because it would costs them to much in relation to the profits they got from this program… that’s why they just gave away the details of the persons who bought that software. Anyway I don’t think BREIN will go after that individuals, but they just use it to promote themselves and make people scared (IMHO).

I just wonder if a citizens action group could file a suit against companies that add copy protection to discs. After all, they are trampling on consumers rights. :frowning:

In the US, there is no “right” to copy all copyrighted material. The only thing close to a right is called the “fair use” clause in the constitution (notice little “c”). However, the “fair use” clause is up to interpretation by the judges, unfortunately, who are bought and sold by the copyright cartels and the trend is to restrict copying copyrighted material to the minimal. However, laws have been passed to allow copy protections and laws to protect the copy protections and not even “fair use” will be a valid argument when some judge is wined and dined by the copyright cartel.:frowning: Therefore, technically speaking, copy protecctions are not trampling on consumers rights. However, I do believe they are as “fair use” should allow backing up of copyrighted material that WE PAY FOR. Unfortunately, the future for consumers looks grim. Anyone wonder why there was the push for e-books a few years ago (and I suspect there will be a big push within the next few years)? That’s so that the copyright cartel can force their subscription policy on us. You don’t buy books anymore, you buy a year’s subscription to an e-book and at the end of the year, if you want to keep the book for future reading, you have to pay, again, for another year’s use of the book. Movies and music is not far away, remember the “original Divx” idea promoted by Best Buy, pay for the movie and you get to watch it for a limited time then return the video to be re-“sold”? :frowning: Not even Orwell could have foreseen this stuff.
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I am suprised that no Lawyers in the US (and elsewhere where Fair Use clauses exist) have started a class action to sue the Movie/record companies and Politicians/Govt for trampling on their comsumer and Fair Use rights. And if successfull it would set a precedent for other courts seeing how there are free trade agreements with a lot of countries around the world. And then consumers hardware and software companies and their lawyers can go them on the defective hardware and software they forced hardware and software companies to force on consumers while knowing they were trampling on their consumer/fair use rights. Never say never, as that day will come, all it takes it people power.

Just for the record, BREIN is a foundation and they have no rights at all. All they can do is send a warning of some sort. BREIN can only take action with a judicial command and even then nothing comes out. They only make fools of themselves cause nothing what they doe helps… hehehe

Oh i am just shaking in my boots !!! Listen i live in the united states land of the accursed Dmca and i do what whatever i want to do. I have every version of dvd shrink dvd decrypter dvdfab decrypter and slysoft and i copy anything i want to copy. They can kiss my smelly backside… Oh you just to have to be careful about those sneaky dvd ploice. They will look inside your living room like some perverted peeping tom just to catch joe citizen from using his SNEAKY copying software. Oh pu…lease!!! Welcome to the twilight zone…

You know cameras are getting pretty small and technologically savvy agencies are using them. Some are even the size of the head of a pin and some can even be hidden behind a light emitting source. Some cameras are disguised as well into common everyday nails or screwes, so finding out that you are being watched is harder than ever since the technological shrinkage age is here. This relates to the article vaguely, but it could possibly be a tactic to gather ‘evidence of behavior’ with consent nor knowledge.:B