Breed - Starforce 3?



OK. I am posting a bit prematurly but I have grabbed a copy of Breed off the shelves and Clony and Aray tell me its protected with Starforce 3. Infact the CD name is STARFORCE:) How obvious is that.

I am just curious though…

I have done the Alcohol MDS and looked at the graph with BWA builder and there is nothing at all. A perfectly smooth graph. Well not quite perfect but no spikes or anything. Also on previous Starforce 3 games you have a cd key and an installation key which is locked to the copy. Breed only has the CD Key !!!

I am wondering if this a new variant of Starforce 3. I will attempt to make a working backup but dont hold your breath. I will post here any results.


Yep. Definately Starforce 3. It would seem the Disc Key is automatically placed on your hard drive during the installation routine. The give away was the ‘rebbot your pc before you play’

I know that we all hate Starforce but you have got to take your hats off to them for a quality product.

Now shall I make a backup copy that requires me to open my pc and unplug the CDROMS or shall I just take it back to Game with the ‘I’m sorry, I cant create my legally entitled backup of this software so I just dont want it.’

Yep I think thats what I’ll do.


looks like this is the first game to have the “Keyless” feature =>

Your absolutely right about taking the game back. Why endorse a product that inhibits our civil rights? Same goes for Tages.

It’ll be interesting to see how reliable these new discs are since one slight defect on them may cause the cd check to fail and since it’s now embedded on the cd the game producers would have to support disc replacement. But then they will only do this if you can still find your receipt (assuming you baught it brand new at ridiculous prices) and the game is less than 3 months old !!!

By the way…how can I tell if this is SF 3 Basic or SF 3 Professional (apart from detecting SF in a dll) ?
Does anyone know if any game uses SF3 Professional 'cos they claim that it defeats Alcohol??