Mmmmmm! Good ol’ chicken breasts! :bigsmile:

(I bet this topic get hits in a record ammount of time)


LOL! BTW, try the Living Room instead of the LiteOn forum. :wink: (thread moved! :cop: )

I think that the mispost probably cracked me up as much as the post itself. :bigsmile:


You haven’t heard about LiteOn’s new line of chicken breasts?!? And you call yourself a LiteOn Mod!?!



Is it upgradable?


Officially no. But through the hard work and dedication of some dedicated people it is possible!

The new LiteOn SOHW-1213C (the ‘C’ is for chicken) will be upgradeable to a SOHW-1613C! That’s a full cup size increase! By cup of course I mean the amount of chicken. :iagree:




That Thread name isn’t fair!!!


Fell for it too, but it was strictly out of medical interest :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeh Yeh Yeh me too man…:stuck_out_tongue:


I believe they use water for that…


Aaaar you fooled me!
Behold real tits!



Although quit funny. :stuck_out_tongue:


What… only 4 people collect their farts in jars? sigh You people really need more hobbies. :wink:



tastes much better than the chicken ones :bigsmile:


Here Here:D:bigsmile: