Breaking News: Strike against Aghanistan has begun



I just posted the article Breaking News: Strike against Aghanistan has begun.

At this moment the USA is striking against Afghanistan. The USA is striking against the terrorists that are responsible for the terrorist attacks on the WTC in New York city.

We hope the USA…

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Come on ppl, do you really believe that stuff? That the man responsible for what happened is someone living in a cave? Or that USA will just bomb the bad guys and throw food to the good ones? Real life is not like in the movies!


The bin laden family does own 40% of the ABN-ambro bank in the netherlands. And a couple of big company’s in America. The stuppid assholes!!:r


So what if his family owns all that stuff… Wasn’t Bin Laden disowned by his family long ago? That’s why his finances aren’t as good as they used to be. Oh, and yeah, it’s not great news… I’m a bit disappointed that the US took this option. But I guess if the Taliban weren’t co-operating it’s their only option


i just hope i dont get involved, i dont wanna join the army… hope it all gets sorted b4 it gets out of hand


It’s a conspiracy… They want the excuse to take over because of the Oil in that area. Back in the day Soviet Union tried to take over that area but no success. U.S has the same hidden agenda. And this makes it a good excuse to do both. :7


The only who will suffer are the poor people of Afghanistan. They had already suffered thanks to the USSR in the past, now they have USA bombing them. These people live in huts made of mud, for God’s sake.


I hope they bomb the shit out of them. :slight_smile: Then I just have to go in and mop up.


Chances are that instead of mopping up you’d get fucked by a mujahedin. If you have the chance and don’t get choked to death first because you didn’t get that gas mask from ebay. :7


If they bomb the shit they will have to deal with the conceqeunces. Amerika fuck you all. Taliban read above and fuck you all


Moreno I was there in 91 and I remember the dead bodies along the roadside. So fuck you. rasta Give me you address so we can bomb your house hehe. Its about time we kick some ass…


LiGhTfast Are you fucking kidding. America was attacked and you don’t feel anything? I swear the new generation is a bunch of selfish children. Whats the matter with you. I bet if your family was in one of those towers you might be a little more hasty to jion and kiss some taliban butt. Me kid is only 16 and he wants to join because he loves his country and his freedom. And he has seen the poor eastern europe countrys after the wall fall down. He knows what we have. Wake up!


I mean KICK some ass not kiss. Big Typo mistake. Can’t type when I’m pissed off. :4


I personally think this is totally fucked up. It’s like a masacre, computer game style. First knock out main chances of defence with missiles, then send it planes to bomb anything big left, then tanks and foot soldiers to finish off the job and kill anyone around. Also, I think it’s totally and utterly ridiculas the way america is saying: ‘There is no neutral, you are either with us or against us.’ They’re not only trying to go in for a masacre but they’re trying to start a fight with a lot of other countries while they’re at it. Bin Laden has never said he did it. I think america is just using the bombing (and dont get me wrong, I think that was an awful act) as an excuse to attack any country that they dont like. I’m also pissed at Tony Blair for jumping into the fight so fast and readily. It’s like a couple of bullies picking on a kid at school and blaming him for something that happened to them and taking it out on him. I dont agree with terrorism and I totally sympathise with the victims and anyone related or connected or affected by it all. But I also dont agree with taking out a race to pay for the crimes of one man. All they asked was that he recieve a fair trial on their ground because they didn’t feel the americans would give him a fair trial. America couldn’t agree with this so is killing them.


Level the towel heads and make a parking lot out of the country!


First of all, RaSta, YOUR a stupid dickhead. And it’s America, not Amerika dip shit. Big words for a little piss ant like you. I’ve been to Belgium, it’s a great place to visit. Just do me a favor and post your address please so I can call up one of my friends in Germany to go kick your stupid ass. Your probably a little kid who’s playing on your daddies computer when your not suppose to. So go suck on your momma’s nipple and stop playing with grown up things. America will and is getting it’s revenge and WE, will not and will never surcome to people like those who killed so many of us on September 11th. It was not just American’s that were killed on that day, it was people from many other countries also. It’s people like you who need help, mostly mental though. And I hope this is your E-Mail; ( xxxx@xxxx ) so that everyone can spam the shit out of you. and sign you up for every kind of bullshit thing they can think of on this net. Now go play with your baby blocks. DICK HEAD :4


nila, your a stupid shit too. War is hell, there’s no middle. Live with it. And if you can’t, then shut the hell up and you can suck on the same nipple as RaSta. Live by the sword, Die by the sword. YOU ARE THE WEEKEST LINK. GOODBYE… :4


Jimhop, I almost took you semi seriously untl you started cracking jokes about the weekest link and shit prooving your hugely mature level. War is hell but afghan didn’t start a war, a few random terrorists did and THEY need to be punished, not the country. Oh yeah, and your stupid comment of ‘Live by the sword, die by the sword’. Do you have a brain? You have never lived by the sword in your life, americans live by sueing not by the sword. The average afghan isn’t a fighter, they’re a poor starving peasant who have probably never seen a sword. Grow up and loose the racist attitude before someone kicks it out of you. And as for you USA, ‘Level the towel heads’ is the kinda racist comment and attitude that this whole thing stinks so badly of.


Oh yeah, And Domin8tor, can you or one of the other OP’s delete his posting of the guys e-mail address. It’s lame and immature and way below this site. I’d do it but I dont have a high enough authorisation level.


nila, aren’t you the humanitarian, why dont you rush on over there and protest with some big sign that says “You can’t hit me you racist Americans, I stand for human rights !”