Breaking cd-r encryption placed by cd burner

[FONT=Book Antiqua]I really need help

I have a cd-r which i made on my old computer, when i burned the cd I selected the option to have the cd only readable on my comp (think i encoded or encrypted it)
Well i do not have my old computer anymore and need to retrieve the photos on the cd, is there anyway i can access this cd or break the encoding so i can get my photos back?[/FONT]

Which burning software did you use?

not sure, was on win 2000 nt just dragged and dropped.

I don’t think Win2K has encryption. But if you did drag and drop to the disk that probably means you used some packet writing add-on like InCD. Windows can NOT read those disks without 3rd party software. I think most give away the reading side (I may be wrong) so just download it (once you figure out which one you had; most likely Nero or Roxio) or find a PC with it already installed anc copy your files to a regular disk.