Break even

It’s now come to the point that on a per GB basis, DVDRs are just as expensive as HDs.

Where I live, HDs now cost 13 eurocents per GB. DVDR are much more expensive due to taxes, but imported they come in at around 14 cents.

Death of optical media? It doesn’t look like BR blanks will drop anytime soon to that kind of price level, but with the large quantity of data and larger files than a DVD can hold, it really is becoming urgent.

How many will switch to magnetic media instead?


Well not me. I live in Australia and a 500GB HDD is the cheapest and most cost efficient @ $100.

But I can get a 50 pack of DVDs for $10-20. 50 x 4GB = more than 200GB for only 10-20 bucks. DVD media is still far cheaper for me.

Plus recently I had a power outage and one of the HDDs in my house died for some reason, usually they don’t. Either way, I feel that properly stored DVD media is far more reliable than magnetic backup such as Hard Drives.

Eventually though, HDD will store more than 1TB and be very cheap, then they will beat DVD for price per GB. But by the time that happens, Blu Ray will probably be cheaper and will then become the best price per GB medium.