Brazilian authorities want Microsoft to change Windows 10 installation

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The Brazilian federal prosecutor, Ministério Público Federal, has filed a civil lawsuit because it wants Microsoft to change the default installation of Windows 10. The prosecutor has asked a judge to force Microsoft to change the installation process of the company’s latest operating system because it alleges that the current installation process violates several local laws.

We all need to stop using Windows. The product is a giant trojan horse. GNU/Linux FTW!

Dream on…LInux has so many Distro they hurt themselves stepping over each other to just get to Microsoft.

Realistically, if there were a large-scale wave of GNU/Linux converts, most of them would focus only on the big names: Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, and perhaps one or two others.

The biggest problem the GNU/Linux system has always had has been it’s slip-shot marketing. Most marketing campaigns have left even the most hardcore users standing there scratching their head, wondering “what on earth were they thinking?”

If Linux wants to be taken really seriously then it needs the serious software suites like Office, Photoshop among others to be ported to Linux.

That’s not to mention things like Avid Protools, for pro audio and video production, where there is pro grade audio and video hardware that also needs to be supported.