Brazil Fire killeds hundreds



Brazil disco Fire killed over 200 people

1000 people over limit at party

#2 (fire begins at ~30:00) - video from russian club destroyed by fire at 2009


Guitarist Rodrigo Martins told Radio Gaucha that the band, Gurizada Fandangueira, started playing at 2:15 a.m. “and we had played around five songs when I looked up and noticed the roof was burning.”

“It might have happened because of the Sputnik, the machine we use to create a luminous effect with sparks. [I]It’s harmless, we never had any trouble with it before.[/I]”

Meaning they’d never killed hundreds before, so it’s ‘harmless’. Guess they might want to re-think this assessment.


I’m sure the manager of Great White said the same thing…


The latest 232 dead-


This happens every few years I do not know why all Countries do not ban pyrotechnics inside. This has happen in the USA. Why would anyone want pyrotechnics if I was paying to hear a band I would want here the band not pyrotechnics


We play two regular gigs, one in a tango-club that has great room for about 200 dancing, swirling couples, and one that allows 800 jumpers and swayers. They each have double-doors on all four walls. Sooo simple. The front ‘wall’ has two sets of double-doors, one at each corner. Cost? I’m sure it was a hefty extra-thousand. Gee - wonder what a certain Rhode Island club might have paid for that ‘technology’.

It angers me so much about ANY public place that doesn’t offer multiple exits.

But my biggest venom remains for bands that recognize they’re so shoddy and so unskilled that they require every other distraction from their poor musicianship, poor stage presence and poor song selection - “We gotta have pyrotechnics - no one will notice our crap!!”

Hubby was playing with a couple of big-time world-famous visitors, and they were doing the headline show at one of the city’s big festivals. They didn’t want any pyros - in a huge outdoor park. They didn’t even want big-screens. “I hate to see fans watching TV instead of ME!” was their point. “There’s always a delayed reaction, and I can see it in fans’ faces, I can hear them singing along a moment too late when they’re watching TV instead of singing along with ME.”

The crappy bands should learn some good skill-sets instead of how to light a match.

Great basic skills do that. The Cavern Club was pretty good for a band or two.

I think Alfonso Bedoyamight have said best - paraphrased here: “Pyrotechnics? We don’ need no steenkin’ pyrotechnics!”


Agree agree agree


Cause of fire an outdoor flare used indoors


I saw that. GAWI. The “Getting Away With It” Effect.

“Boy, we really got one over on those folks! AND we saved 29 bucks!! Yeeehawww!”