Bravo D3 HD DVD Windows Media 9 capable player

I just posted the article Bravo D3 HD DVD Windows Media 9 capable player.

If you thinking of buying a big screen tv or projection system, this player may be of interest, especially if you are considering a DVI interface. Touted as the first DVD…

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MPEG4? So can this play DivX and Xvid then?

According to the info above it can play current movie dvd’s in all the HD formats… And it says Mpeg 4 so divx and Xvid would be included in that.

It seems like every couple months I hear something about this player, but all I really care about is can you buy it yet? I had heard it was still coming soon… for the last year!

Sigma EM8620 chip , was expected a long ago , I just hope that naming the price means that the player is near it’s release date . Btw: I don’t like selecting Windows OS to run this player .