I can’t get 8215 to work for disney’s brave, only does part disc shows only main menu and won’t go any further.Thanks lking


you are behind with your DVDFab updates. Update to the latest release and give another try


Thanks i’ll try 8218.


Tried 8218 does the same thing,any help i would be thankful.


Just like I thought, seems this a pathplayer issue with disney dvds that seems to never stay fixed. Guess you can try with pathplayer disabled. If that not work will have to wait for an update to fix the problem.


Thank You I’ll Try THAT And See If It Works.


An update has been posted that supposedly fixes the Brave problem

New!DVDFab Qt Beta is out

DVDFab Qt Beta (November 14, 2012)

DVD Copy:
New: Added support for a new copy protection as found on “Brave”.

Blu-ray Copy:
Fix: A wrong main playlist selection problem for “The Expendables 2”.

#8 still does not fix problem even with pathplayer disabled


I Tried 8219 for brave full disc cut pq down to 25% and then tried movie only and it worked perfect with alot better quailty.Thanks to everyone who helped.lking;)


Just Tried 8220 And It Fixed Brave Works Perfect Full Disc Or Movie Only.


[QUOTE=lking;2664343]Just Tried 8220 And It Fixed Brave Works Perfect Full Disc Or Movie Only.[/QUOTE]

That’s good to know so thanks for that. :cool:



It’s good to hear that!