Brands that use (real) Taiyo Yuden?

I’d like to try out some Taiyo Yuden DVDR (preferably +R) but I haven’t come across any so far, after testing out several media brands. Could you please tell me about brands using TY (not the fake ones obviously) ?

I believe I read something about Maxell ? What Maxell exactly (speed, + or -R etc) and what other brands ?


why not try reading these:

each and every post lists what brand the media is…


Probably the best way to insure “real” A Grade TY’s is to get them directly from the manufacturers reseller like or


what is a ty made by microboards? found a site selling them. also what is this thing about no stacking ring? CINDI :slight_smile:

Probably a fake.

No stacking ring usually means a stack of discs with no spindle, shrink-wrapped and usually a number of scratched or damaged discs. Another good thing to avoid and certainly NOT TY.

Taiyo Yuden’s in-house label is “That’s”.

Other brands that use TY media (and others) are Verbatim, Fuji and TDK.

Verbatim media manufactured in Japan is TY (MCC and still excellent quality if made elsewhere).

TDK uses a variety of manufacturers ranging from CMC (worst though ok with NEC writers) to TY (best). If TDK discs have a TY media code though then they are TY discs. The same essentially applies to Fuji; if they have a TY media code then they’re TY.

As for Maxell, some of its media made in Japan is TY, some is made by Hitachi (though still of excellent quality). Quality of Maxell media made outside Japan is highly variable though.

Ummmmm, sorry, you’re WAY off base rd. Actualy the stacking ring is is that little ridge near the hub that keeps the disks slightly apart from one another when stacked. Automated CD changers do NOT like them though. (Machines that look and function as the one pictured here)

Microboards is actualy a manufacturer of stand-alone cd duplicators, and SPECIFICLY RECOMEND Taiyo Yuden disks BECAUSE they don’t have a stacking ring. Be careful of un-true information. More than likely Cindi, these ARE in fact, genuine Taiyo Yuden disks, but I generaly stay away from “re-branded,” media as I stongly suspect thay are a bit more likely to be, “B graded,” media.

If you’re in the USA, and you’d like GENUINE Taiyo Yuden media, (good choice BTW), I’d suggest just buying them from I’ve yet to hear any complaints about them whatsoever, and I’m currently buying my TY media through them exclusively. You MIGHT find them for a penny or two less elsewhere, but rima I KNOW is an authorised seller of Genuine TY media, and they have a reputation that just can’t be beat.

Here’s a little more information about the stacking ring that I took from here:

Specificly this part relates to the topic best. (There’s also a picture there if you’d like to follow the link) :

What is the stacking ring? It is a banded protrusion jutting out (as a ring) on the bottom or non-printing side of the disc. This permits discs to be stacked on top of one another without harming the data field. The other side (printing side) of the disc leaves a very narrow gutter in the surface of the disc. The disc cannot have ink in this gutter. To avoid that, we must void that area of all ink.

That should clarify THAT! :iagree: :smiley:


thanks guys, i guess Rima will be where i buy from now on. Also that’s that best and clearest answer i got about the stacking ring. CINDI :slight_smile:

Yo Cindi-

Rima is an EXCELLENT reseller of “A” Grade Taiyo Yuden medias (and others for that matter)-

Take a look at their ratings on - they have nearly perfect customer feedback-


I can vouch for as well. The best prices I have seen on TY’s own label and they are the only ones that have consistantly given me good discs. I don’t wanna even go in to how many bogus store brand re-badges I have been through. :frowning:

I don’t know if this is an absolute rule, but basically from what I’ve read and if I’m to expect to find some TY I shouldn’t even consider anything that doesn’t say “Made In Japan”, right ? All TY are made in Japan ?

Again I don’t know if this can be taken as a general rule, but I noticed that the place of origin seems to affect quality for some brands too. All the Verbatim MCC02 and 03 I tested from Singapore and India so far were great, but the ones from Taiwan were not nearly in the same league.

Right, Taiyo Yuden is all made in japan. If someone is selling Taiyo Yuden and stating it is Made in China, run like hell!